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Appearing in the media on a regular basis is a sign of a well-marketed law firm. From the basics - press releases on new partners or associates, donations to not-for-profits, participation at conferences - to the more challenging - bylined articles that tackle sophisticated legal matters and press conferences- any law firm must make use of the media to develop and maintain awareness of its services and skills.

News releases are for news about the firm and its members – successful cases, new associates, participation in civic groups, speaking appearances, etc. News releases are sent to local newspapers, legal press,and other relevant professional media.

Topical releases are about trends in the law, events taking place in a national or local level. If the Supreme Court has accepted a case that concerns a practice area, an intelligent think piece should be prepared and distributed. Topical releases are used to comment before a decision is announced, educating readers as to the issues involved and what the implications will be on the local level.

Bylined articles are used to showcase the firm's expertise. While they are time intensive, a bylined article makes an excellent reprint to be sent to prospects and clients and can be included in a newsletter and on the website.

Press conferences should be used carefully and wisely. Many law firms steer clear of them altogether, others wait until they have a sense of what the judge may or may not tolerate before going public with their case. When they are well prepared and well covered, the press conference can help your client tell their story.

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